3d-call-centerCall Center Operator Training:

By discovering the power of communication and carrying this feature to the business field, the trainees will be able to develop their professional skills and increase their employability thanks to the training module, which effectively explains that quality communication does not know any obstacles.

mesingProfessional English Training:

It is a program adapted to individuals and institutions who want to receive vocational language training for their business areas. With the training module called business English, it is possible to improve professional English and learn current terms while developing. Participants who receive training as part of the program will have the chance to stand out with their professional languages ​​in the modern business world.

Housekeeping Training:

After the training, which supports the opportunity to be a good employee by gaining the ability to clean, order and maintenance in accommodation-style enterprises, the opportunity to work in accommodation facilities, agencies, consultancy and cleaning companies will emerge. Trained staff will be able to carry out a correct and complete organization in housekeeping services when the necessary environment is provided. After the Housekeeping Training, which will last for 3 months, practical training will be carried out in suitable facilities for 2 months.