About the project
Turkey Medical Tourism developed by the Association and Afyon Kocatepe University supported by the Tourism Faculty of the Barrier-Free Health Tourism New Life for disadvantaged scope of project / provision of education to persons with disabilities for a term of 3 months work began. For the field of 66 disabled / disadvantaged individuals; Call Center Operator Training, Housekeeping Training, Professional English Training will be provided.

Purpose of the Project
To a New Life Without Barriers! The project, which was initiated by saying, supports its participants with trainings and supports their professional skills and development. Disadvantaged / disabled individuals who will be trained for suitable professions will also increase their employability. The main purpose of the project is; As a result of the trainings offered to approximately 66 individuals, closing the human resources gap needed by the sector ensures that the participants take part in the field of business confidently and independently.

Target group
In addition to the fact that 66 disadvantaged individuals between the ages of 18-45, at least primary school graduates, who take care of their personal care and want to improve themselves, develop their professional skills by training; Social integration, self-confidence, independence and economic freedom are aimed to be added to their lives.